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Book fair is an event where all the key decision makers in the industry will attend and look for books that they will use in theatre, movies and purchase the rights to your book


One way to drum up fan interest to your book is to introduce your literary work and create an author brand to the market. According to study the best way to introduce your book in the market is to join a book fair.

“Every author aspires to receive international recognition among the world’s top publishing professionals. The most effective way to present your book to hundreds of publishers worldwide is to present it at an international book fair, where top publishers, distributors and literary agents meet, in order to choose the books they will represent in their respective countries. We will be there for you, represent you actively and comprehensively and make sure that the world’s top publishers are exposed to your book.”- Contento Now

If you are a self-publish author, you would want to take advantage of the book fair. Here are the benefits you can get in a national and international book fair.

  • Marketing and promotion. This is a great opportunity to introduce and create awareness about your book in the market and your brand as an author.  It expands your target audience according to the book genre. Most of all, it will bring your story closer the buyers.
  • Connect with readers. You connect to your new readers and also reconnect with the old ones. Not only you have the chance to inspire your readers but also get the opportunity to better understand your ideal audience. The result of meeting your audience may surprise you because of the flowery words you will receive about your book. The good thing about it you would know how to present your next book to your target market.
  • Promote your cause. Is a great way to raise awareness. Why you wrote this and its purpose. The good thing about promoting your book for a cause you will meet readers and writers who have the same passion for helping. This will integrate a greater cause.
  • Meet the big names. An event where all the key decision makers in the industry will attend and look for books that they will use in theatre, movies and purchase the rights to your book which make a self-publish author excited.
  • Media Coverage. To be covered or mention by the media during a book fair. Creates significance on your reputation as an author because it is more credible to your readers when the press will be the one to feature your book or says about your book. Due to media presence, it will also extend the life of your book campaign.

Book fairs are both a great opportunity and the perfect venue to tell readers that you have something of great value to offer. By attending a book event, you increase not only your own discoverability but also your book’s marketability.

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